Today I was reading Genesis chapter 12 in my bible and was kind of hit with a thought about Abram, who later God called Abraham.

Imagine being that guy. God told him He would be the father of a great nation, even though his wife was barren. Not only did He tell him that, He said he would own a great amount of land that was not his at the time.

I would have a hard time believing it, but I guess that’s the difference between me and Abram. He believed God. I know I hear God telling me things all the time, and more than half the time I’m fighting with him in my head about things that don’t make sense to me. Strangely enough, when I do listen and just do what He leads me towards, a bounty of blessings follow.

This website wasn’t my idea of spreading His word. The name of the website, though debated, isn’t what I would call the way you want to picture God, but here it is.

I’m like, “How can you mix God, with me and beer? How is that going to save lives for Christ?”
But God says, “O ye of little faith. Watch me work.”

So here it is, God working in mysterious ways. It’s pretty amazing. He told me to be myself and create this page for people to come and be themselves.

If God has led you into weird or unexpected situations that have turned out to be great blessings, please feel free to tell us about them in the comments below.

I’ve heard and lived some pretty amazing stories of how God saves thru trials.

Y’alls have a blessed one!