Brew Choices

So i wouldn’t say I have one favorite brew, or even a type of favorite beers. I usually end up drinking certain drinks depending on the mood I’m in.

For example, there are times I get into the mood to listen to some good old country music. This makes me want to grab a Lonestar light and sing along with ol’ Jorge Derecho(aka George Strait for my fellow gringos).

When I visit with my dad, it’s time for some Twisted Teas and Coors light.

Hanging out with my mother-in-law always makes me want a dressed Dos-Equis.

And then there are times I’m in diet mode so I choose the low carb Michelobe Ultra because it makes me feel like I’m cheating and getting away with it.

What ever my flavor choice of the evening I’m always grateful to be able share in the delicacy with my buddy God. I’m glad He isn’t picky with the ones He loves. He just loves me for who I am, but loves me enough not to leave me where I’m at. I still have a lot to learn in his life, but I have a great teacher who has blessed me with a community full of great mentors.

Maybe there is a “favorite” brew or beverage out there I haven’t tried.

What’s your go to beer? Does it change depending on your mood or circumstances?

I’m always up for trying new things.

Y’all have a blessed one!

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