Putting the kids to sleep is about an hour or so long process around here.  The 2 year old thinks its time to play while the 6 month old will not be let alone from his mother.  Still, we get it done somehow.

Tonight as I was holding my 2 year old, rocking him in the swivel chair in his room, and I began to wonder what his dreams entailed.  Sometimes I hear him laugh in the middle of the night, kind of creepy yet sweet.  Other times he wakes up crying, then a cup of milk or water with another round of rocking gets him back down. Still I’m curious as to what he dreams about.

Various Dreams

Some people say its weird but I still have very detailed dreams. In fact I’ve had several dreams in my life that were game changers for me. I’ve had dreams of loved ones lost coming back and telling me about heaven and what they had been doing.  Some dreams that gave me a whole new perspective on peoples actions that seemed crazy to me before. I’ve even had dreams of God or his messenger coming into my room and kicking out all the demons surrounding me. End of the world dreams, flying dreams, demonic dreams.  Crazy things I’ve dreamed of.

I could give you some elaborate details from colors and sounds to noises and tastes.  These dreams are something.  I’ve had so many that it makes it hard for me to be surprised with anything that happens in the real world.  What ever does happen, good or bad, I’ve been shown and taught that in the end my God has the final say so, and it ends well for me.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Its good such a blessing to know God‘s word.

Ever have any life changing, or just enlightening dreams in your life?

Feel free to share in the comments below about them.

Y’all have a blessed one!

5 Replies to “Dreams”

  1. I remember many of the dreams that Tooter had as a child and still has in his adult life. Extremely detailed they are as he states with each one having an impact on his thoughts. Many of them leading him and I into endless conversations throughout the night with his questions of the unknown…the why’s, why not’s…and me trying to give him the answers as I was searching myself…Pray son…pray. God was there to guide us each time.
    In my opinion, many dreams are messages from God and/or loved ones that have passed. Some people are more in touch with the spiritual world than others and dreams are one way to get messages across.
    Then there are dreams that make no sense what so ever or so unreal that leave you in a sense of “WTH was that all about?”. I’ve had plenty of those and sometimes hard to shake off. Those are the dreams that keep me in check too. Helping me to realize that anything is possible and to be aware of the world and people around you. Never think “that can’t happen to me” whether it’s good or bad, anything is possible but with God on my side, everything is possible to overcome.
    On that note I will say, “Sweet dreams everyone, God bless y’all and say y’alls prayers each and every night 🌙! Amen.
    Mama loves you son but Jesus loves us more…❤

  2. I’ve always had crazy detailed dreams. I have the ability to fly or actually levitate away from evil things that pop up in my dreams. Also after my grandma died she came to me and told me that she was fine and that there was nothing I could have done. When she died I was a single mom working out at Toyota and I had tons of regret for not being there for her more than what I was. That dream gave me a wonderful peace and I know that I’m going to see her again. I have tons of dreams that I remember vividly, but that one was by far my favorite! 😄

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