Have you ever had a prayer answered?

Have you ever had a prayer answered?

I have. Quite a few actually. I’ve also had unanswered prayers. Some that I realize now God was looking out for me and some I’m still waiting patiently for.

One of the best prayers I have ever gotten answered was the one for my wife.
Before I met my wife, I had never had an official girlfriend. For years I thought that I was not good enough for any woman. I always wanted one but never saw myself worthy of one. Different things fed this belief but until I realized the root cause of it, I was single.

When I started believing what God said about me, that was when I started thinking that I could possibly get a girlfriend. I remember a story my step-mother told me. She said one day at the church she was going to, they asked her to pray for the kind of spouse she would want one day, and to be as detailed as possible. She prayed for a man like George Strait, who put God first above all.
Low and behold, she met my dad. He has the same birthday, carries himself like a cowboy and puts God before all. Even has a country singing voice.

Well, that inspired me to make a prayer for my wife.

I said “God, please let me marry a beautiful girl from Somerset. Please let her be gorgeous with a kitten like smile and a big heart. Please let her put You before all and have a very good sense of humor, because you know how I am Lord.”

Not even 2 years later, God introduced me to my wife at, low and behold, the 151 Saloon. A local country bar where we danced and hit it off. I showed her my “Tooter”-step and she was head over heels for me. Or at least she liked me enough to want to meet me again.
God is good. He loves the crap out of me. So many blessings I have, not because I deserve them, but because He loves me.

My Beautiful Bride
My Answered Prayer

Now, my gorgeous wife and I have four great kids, an ok dog and many family and friends who love us dearly. God has answered my prayer for my wife to the T and then some. She is such a blessing to me and our family. I thank God for her every morning I get to wake up next to her and every time I get to see her after work. She’s my best friend.

So does God answer prayers? Hell ya! We just need to believe and trust Him in His timing. Has God answered a prayer for you? Or is there an unanswered prayer you are now grateful for? Feel free to comment below.

Y’all have a blessed one and keep on praying!

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  1. I absolutely love this. I have been divorced twice and have dated a few not so good guys. I am a devoted Christian and believe prayer does work. Thank you for reminding me to keep praying for my soul mate and I loved your story so much.

  2. After my teenage daughter had a rough Valentine’s Day one year, I started praying a very specific prayer for God to send her a very specific type of man. This prayer was extremely particular, almost to the level of being outrageous really. I added in these crazy details, and I prayed the exact same prayer for exactly six months. I didn’t consciously stop praying that prayer, but looking back now, I know my prayer shifted the week she met her now husband. One of the very specific requests I made was for a man who would love her with no hesitation and without reservations. My daughter and her husband were married last March during their senior year of high school, and so many people thought that was crazy and we shouldn’t have let them, but all I could think about it was that I had prayed a very specific prayer, and when God sent someone exactly like that, I shouldn’t then be disturbed by the fact that he wanted to marry my daughter at the first possible moment he could because like I had prayed, he loved her “with no hesitation and without reservations.” I’ve been covering some of their story on my blog because people are so curious about it and have a lot of misunderstandings of why someone would even want to do that. I love to read the stories of others finding and recognizing the gifts God sends them.

  3. I love this! I have 6 kids and I pray for each and every one of their future spouses. But I didn’t think about them actually doing it. Of course right now, they would probably think it’s “yucky” lol, but I could teach them about the importance of it some day. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I have had so many prayers answered. Some specific and some generic but yes I know without a doubt that God knows us and hears us. I got married less than 2 months after high school
    Graduation. I was 8 months pregnant and totally in love. We have been married 16 years now and it is def. because God has andwered some huge prayers.

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