Music, One of God’s Many Tools

If you haven’t caught on yet from my other posts, God profoundly uses music in my life.  All kinds of music too.  From Christian to Country to Rap or Rock, I hear Him telling me what I need when I need it.

Today, for example, we are stuck at home due to the effects of hurricane Harvey in our town.  It has been raining outside the last few days and we are running out of things to entertain us. The mood was getting pretty gloomy in the house.

Then my beautiful WIFE figured out that we can hear KLOVE on our Amazon Echo. The whole mood in the house changed in seconds from the start of the first song. I swear, most of my life, my church has been the songs I hear on KLOVE. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s been there for me.

There are so many songs that have had just the right words for me when I needed them. It truly is a positive and encouraging station. I highly recommend it when you are feeling hopeless or just need a pick me up.

Right now, I would have to say my favorite song is EVEN IF by MERCY ME.  It’s a great song about even if God doesn’t answer my prayers the way I see fit, my hope is in Him alone. It’s a very heart felt song that is big for me right now. I have had many unmet prayers in my life, but my hope is in Him alone still.

Do you have a song you hear God‘s voice in? Please feel free to share in the comments below. Some of the best songs I’ve heard that have helped me were recommendations from people who dealt with similar situations that I was in.

Y’all have a blessed one and be safe out there!

P.S.- You can follow the link below to find out how to deliver relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey.