What Does God Have to do With Math?

What Does God Have to do With Math?

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What does God have to do with math? Ever since I ventured into understanding who God is, I learned that I needed to define some things for clarity. Me, being a big math geek, I developed some equations to help me do this over the years. So here is my list of equations and some brief reasoning behind them.

1. God=LOVE

God is love. God is not human. He is a huge being that is everywhere all at once. His sole purpose, His drive is love. Love is His being. God in our lives is the love we receive in this world. Whether it’s the love of parent for their child or a stray animal that comes up to you out of no where to be petted. Even in God’s disciplinary form, it is out of love to help us get away from things that are hurting us.

2. Sin=Sickness

The Levites were to be the Israelites’ God-ordained priests. They also were given the duty of healing the people and caring for the sick. Everyone alive today has sin in there lives. Some kind of sickness that affects the way they(we) behave. Whether a physical illness or mental one.

It has been my experience that when I am ill, cold, flu or injury, my attitude is not good. I will be short tempered and whiny. I’ve also seen the best people I know have an un-fun attitude when sick or dealing with a chronic pain-filled injury. The majority of the hurtful people I have known, have had a very hurt filled life. Some kind of hardship that has left them with a destructive demeanor. Sin to me is a sickness, and every human is sick. Love is the cure. God is the cure.

Thank You Jesus

3. Heaven=Being in God’s presence

If God is love, then the best part of this life(and the next) is being surrounded by love. To be loved, we must love in return. When asked what is the most important commandment from God, Jesus says:

“’You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’
The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.””
Matthew 22:37, 39-40 NLT

When we are able to love UNCONDITIONALLY, that is when we are closest to God.

4. Hell=Being away from God

God loves us. He created us especially for Himself. God built us differently than anything else in this world. He did so by giving us free will, a choice to love Him back or to not. When we don’t want to love Him, we are free to not do so. The thing is, when we are away from God, we are in the darkness. We are out where the enemy rules.

For me, I believe there is a God and a Devil. If I believed there was not a God, then I would have no hope in seeing my loved ones that have passed. I won’t get see my grandparents, uncle, cousins or even my daughter. If there is no God, then this is HellEdit. The pleasures of this world are fleeting. My hope is Him alone. Through Jesus saving me from my sins, I will be with all my loved ones, and then some.

Maybe you have your own understanding of who God is. Please feel free to share yours in the reply sections below. If you are curious to know how I got into knowing God, you can check it out at my previous post “How I came to know Christ.

Y’all have a blessed one!